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BTS From Our First Photoshoot

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for stopping by We have spent the past couple of months prepping for our soft launch. Many long days and nights were spent designing, planning and shooting. It was very tiring, but worthwhile. We want to say a big thank you to all those who helped us along the way (you all know who you are). 

Here are some behind the scenes snippets of what went down at our two recent photoshoots. All professional photographs on our website were captured by they oh so talented Erika Alvarenga. You can check out her work at

 Prepping Some of the clothes for our shoot

 Back view of the Elmina cropped top


 Models need rest too. Check out our model Jesse sitting pretty in our  "Volta Knit" maxi slit top


Stand, pose, smile, make silly faces in our Camara Peplum Waist Belt and  REPEAT! 

Social butterflies-Model Narley K in our Spintex Two-Piece Set and Jesse wearing our Gifty Fringe Necklace 

Ze studio space 



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