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Tribal Print Holiday Gift Guide

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Christmas is just 14 days away and we have some amazing gifts for the cultured enthusiasts on your list. If you're struggling to figure out what to buy for the culture lovers in your lives you have definitely come to the right place. Check out our bold and vibrant guide below for some helpful tips!




L-R: Legon Maxi Slit Top, Spintex Two-Piece Skirt Set, Labone Dress.

These Ankara print outfits are perfect for the girl who loves wearing unique fashion pieces. Find more styles here



Our gold gye nyame and Sankofa rings are a definite conversation starter. Unique in style and rich in history. Both rings hails from the Adinkra Symbols of West Africa (Ghana & Ivory Coast). Gye Nyame (Jeh N-yah-meemeans "Except God" and symbolizes the supremacy of God. It simply means one is not afraid of anything except the supreme Being. Sankofa means "reach back and get it." It symbolizes the importance of learning from the past. Both rings are unisex and come in gold and silver. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to wear distinctive jewellery.  


Edgy, but versatile this hand made mixed fabric fringe necklace is perfect for any occasion. Comes in array of colours as well as black and white. This necklace is a perfect gift for a the trendy female on your christmas list. 



Everyone can appreciate a beautiful print. Give your loved one this gorgeous hand-made notebook. Made in Ghana and named after a bubbly community in Ghana's capital Accra. 

Our Osu Maame notebook is sure to be appreciated by the bold and vibrant prints lover in your life. This notebook is handmade in Ghana and is great for record keeping. 


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