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African print is often recognized for its bold,vibrant and distinctive designs. But did you know that some of the most popular designs also come in black and white? Here in the West, very few people have been exposed to black and white African print. However, on the continent of Africa monochrome prints are quite popular. As most of you already know, the African contentment is quite large and  if we discussed monochrome prints from every African nation in this blog post, we would be here until 20INFINITY!


So today we will start with Ghana. Ghana is the birthplace of Style Me Ankara. It is located on the west coast of Africa. You will find it is geographically located on the above map where it says "GH."

Monochrome prints are worn in Ghana for both formal and non-formal purposes. If you spend a day walking the hot and bustling streets of its capital city Accra, you will spot women wearing black and white printed fabric as head wraps, or tied around their breasts and waist. You will also spot some mothers using the fabrics as slings to hold their babies while they browse around the markets. 

When it comes to formal wear black and white fabric is often worn at funerals. Funerals are a big part of Ghanaian culture. Often times it feels like they hold more value than child birth and weddings. Culturally, white fabric is worn when the deceased was seventy years and above to celebrate having lived a full life. Rather than a cause for sadness, it is seen as a joyous occasion.

Here at Style Me Ankara we love to mix tradition with modern. Our Angelina Ankara Fringe Necklace is a perfect mix of the two.

 African print necklace

This necklace is made from traditional black and white fabric and sewed into a modern style. 

African print necklace

We absolutely love this necklace. Its so versatile and goes with pretty much everything. We're currently designing our Spring/Summer '15 collection and highly considering feature some monochrome pieces in our collection. Stay tuned. 



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