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Ladies, we have all had this happen to us. We're invited to a formal event or have an important job interview lined up. We immediately start planning out our hair and makeup. We reach into our closet and pick out our favourite dress, put it on and the zipper is stuck. We're forced to a) keep tugging at our zippers until it rises up or b) seek assistance from our husbands or boyfriends. But what do you do when your back starts aching from bending your arms down low? or what if your boyfriend or husband is not around to assist you? Well I have a solution for you...zipsessory!

Zipsessory is a sparkly and fun jewelry line that allows women to turn any zipper into an accessory. Zipsessory is the perfect accent piece for your little black dress, boots, purse or wallet. It's a very fashionable way for women to give their zippers a bit of sparkle and glam.

This fabulous and chic jewelry line was launched in 2013 by "MOMpreneur" Shelley Bair, and is based in Oakville, Ontario. 

Did you know that Zipsessory beautiful signature sets have been featured on Daytime TV  and handed out in swag bags at the Secret Room Event's Gifting Room in honour of the Golden Globes as well as the Official NAACP Image Awards gifting suite!  

Zipsessory is an valued sponsor of Style Me Ankara's official launch Soiree on Saturday, May 9th. Guest in attendance will have a chance to see some of the amazing products they sell and an opportunity to win a piece of jewellery from their line. 

Find out more about the brand here: 


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  • Shelley: May 08, 2015

    Thank you for your post and congratulations on the launch of Style Me Ankara!

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